Latest Trends 2013/2014


Forecasts for 2013/2014 according to Lidewij Edelkoort

  • Colors. The dominant color of the upcoming years will be yellow.  Since its vibrant dominance, the color palettes, fittings, and fabrics will be more lively and stimulating in the upcoming years. Yellow will stay for long! Though as for the shades, it’s not calculated yet…Yellow dominance
  • The new trends in interior design will be marked with the comeback of pattern. It is not recommended to focus on color blocking as the new seasons will be distinguished with recreation of historic patterns on white background. White wall coverings and fabrics will be decorated with massive and small flowers, vintage twists,  bold colors and patterns thrown onto a white canvas. White is style.Floral patterns
  • More about patterns. That perfect matching style retreats and experimenting with various colors is recommended. Have funny experiments with color palette, use different geometric forms and shapes, florals, strips, and hand sketches to apply to any array of colors and textures. African, Mexican, Bulgarian folklore will be the source of inspiration…elements from different cultures and crafts will also find expression in patterns.    Mexican patterns African patterns
  • Touch is one of the main of the human sense. The materials of 2013/2014 should be maximally touchable. Fabrics and finishes are recommended to have warm and deep textures engaging the user into the space with all their flesh. Beige and neutral colors of sand and stone mixed with white will appeal fingers and arise wish of touching. Tactile qualities, the color of flesh and nails, the softness of suede and non blatancy of lack of color. Think of natural materials with texture and neutral tones like roots and washed up wood.
  • Mushroom shapes will be trendy in the next years. Make your space more intriguing and funnier with them.
  • Mushrooms
  • Another new tendency is the accent on a group. Design will not be concentrated on a single person but rather on a group of people.
  • Embroidery, knitting and hand craft will be widely used in interior design. Knitted and embroidered coverlets, large scale knits and macramé taking off in decor and furniture.Knitted items
  • Stripes and squares are the geometric figures that will appear in the decor of the new trend. Think of gingham and white and bold red.
  • Handmade and funny items will find extreme popularity. if you want to buy a new piece of furniture, buy a funny one. Interior should be lively and funny. Be spontaneous and make experiments with used things. Give them second life. Cut your old clothes and make new coverlets, cushions. Take old spoons, teapots and find new solutions for them.
  • Men in the home. Today men spend at home as much time as women. Their lives are more equal with women. No wonder, they begin participate in discussion about home design and balance between work and life. Taking into consideration these tendencies, modern interior design will have more masculine features and mail dominance. As Lidewij Edelkoort forecasts the world will soon have a new generation of kids that “have been mothered and fathered at the same time.”Man doing housework
  • Back to the earth. Garden rooftops with livestock and green walls are something recommended to designer. The accent is on sustainable future.

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